Green Eyed Glory

January 23, 2017

Green eyed glory living lavishly through life,
Not a care in the world no worries no strife
An abundance of bills empower your ways
As stacks of paper pile up by the days

Green eyed glory, look back on your gains
Careful eyes may uncover surface stains
Your opulence glimmers, though its brilliance does not fool
Vigilant searching has uncovered your tool

Green eyed glory your greed has emerged
From dishonest wealth your status has surged
Unscrupulous fraud, thievery, and lies,
The light of truth will sever your ties

Green eyed glory your time has run out
Luxury and affluence have cast a shadow of doubt
Grounded on corruption your empire falls
The time has come to pay back; your deceit appalls

Green eyed glory indebted you are trapped
Penniless and destitute, your funds have been tapped
For all that you stole and all you have seized
Now you may experience a life without ease

Green eyed glory entrenched by your debts
As you wither in ---- you can ponder your regrets
The floor falls from beneath you as you struggle to stand
And deeper you fall with no helping hand

Green eyed glory your eyes lost their spark
For within your soul there exists only dark
Perpetually sinking, forevermore you stay
For money makes the world go ‘round, this price you must pay

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