Malice of the Mouth

January 23, 2017

For those who speak the words of lies
Exists a place to drown out their cries
Torn to pieces, engulfed by the tongue
Here they perish; of words spoken when young

Blasphemous traders and manipulative sleuths
These wretched souls concocted false truths
Some for money, others for pleasure
To here they are bound, their ---- is forever

Shredded by fangs; Satan’s hunger never ceases,
Moaning out in pain, their misery he pleases
This weapon in life that carried out their sin
A means of betrayal, it devastated their kin

Through the lips of words spoken, all sorts of unkind
Their damaging effects have polluted the mind
Devious invectives delivered by the breath of ice
Pierced the ears of the receiver in a vicious trice

Tortured by their very own means of oppression
What a world exists in ----, such ironic succession
Bits of disregarded soul fill up in the mouth
What follows next involves migration down south...

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