January 23, 2017
By Anonymous

What is depression?
How does it make you feel?
Does everyone have it?
Is it even real?

I know it’s nothing tangible
It’s simply in my head
A chemical imbalance
Of emptiness and dread.

Sometimes it makes me wonder
About the purpose of it all
Life, effort, meaning
When it all just busts your -----.

Do you feel it too?
Is yours as bad as mine?
Do you, too, contemplate
Suicide from time to time?

It’ll never be the answer
That much I’ve come to learn
But it’s always far too tempting
When you’re pushed past no return.

So listen to me now,
I understand your plight
When you’re broken and bruised
With no hope left in sight.

I ask of you one thing
When you feel lower than low
Turn to someone else
And let them see your soul.

It won’t always work
Sometimes you’re left behind
But there’s no better comfort
Than sharing what’s on your mind.

For some people do see
The pain you’re going through
They might not understand
But some will be there for you.

I know it’s hard to trust
All I’m saying here
Your head is ruled by doubt
My words overturned by fear.

I assure you it’s the truth
I’ve been through it all, too
I’ve come out all the better
And I know what to do.

Start by finding others
Who think and act like you
Surround yourself with love
It will always see you through.

Never give up hope
That you’ll soon be able to smile
For things will always brighten
Every once in awhile.

Live for the moments
Of happiness and joy
It’s the only way to live
The only way to enjoy.

Fight your depression
With all you have and more
Even when life gets bad
And leaves you crying on the floor.

I believe in your strength
You can make it through
Learn to love yourself
Just like I managed to do.

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