Just Friends

November 19, 2016

I forget my own name

When I look in your eyes

Just friends we say

And go on living life

But deep in the pit of my stomach
I know I just told a lie

Because all I want from this

Is to be your bride

But I can't get over the buttlerflies

That bounce around in my gut

Tomrrow I will confess, eye to eye

But I never can do it

I'm too scared of the outcome

Too scared to know the truth

What of I've had this over run

And you don't feel the same too

I just want to live 

My very own fantasy

I want to overcome

But I'm snapped back to realitiy

Somehow one day 

I utter my words

And you laugh and say

"That's absurd"

So I nod my head

Tears in my eyes

And we remain as friends

Until the day I die

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