Because I'm Me

November 17, 2016
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Who ever knew that the apocalypse would come so soon
When the rainbow fish jumped for the flying Trichoptera half past noon
My nose is a paradoxical version of the latest Mumford and Sons album
A multifaceted spoon fell from the ceiling today
And told me it would rather lie on a bed of nails then
Touch a snail
The soup utensil and I agrees that we both have mollusk phobia
But that isn’t that queer
Is it, or isn’t it so that you used be scared of the dark
There’s not so much of a stark difference
We generalize so much of of what’s weird and what’s not
In fact, most of society is built on generalization
Maybe one day the realization will pop into each and everyone of our heads
Just because I wore a stained sweater in the last five days
Or Just cause I like Broadway plays
Just because I’m a rabbit aficionado
Or I have trouble rhyming and speling and giving the right beats to my lyrics without making them
To complicated
That doesn’t give anyone one the right to judge me
This poem may sound strange to the reader but
Maybe to the writer its as normal as the fact that they named their dog kitchen sink
There might be a reason
But I’m not apart of the religion that believes there has to be
Put simply It’s because I’m me.

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