The Hardest Choice

November 12, 2016

Trying to decipher
What my heart has to say
Is the biggest hastle
I have to keep at bay


Each breath I take
Each emotion I feel


Is it all fake...


Or is it all real?


The hardest choice is upon me
Yet, how can I choose?
Between the one I love
And my one true muse

Those who are broken
Or those who are healed

Is it those who need redemption...

Or those whose destinies are sealed?

Those who are wicked
Or those who are kind
Those who are predicted
Are the only ones you’ll find

You can’t trust love
You can’t trust hate
You can’t trust a dove
As you can’t trust a snake

No one is faithful or true
No one will suffice
For the one who you drew
The one who saved your life

Sometimes choices can make or break you
Sometimes choices will bring you to your core

But no one can subdue

The feeling you’ve never felt before

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