The Ape Within Me

November 7, 2016
By wbahs BRONZE, New City, New York
wbahs BRONZE, New City, New York
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As I stroll through the Cincinnati Zoo,

I think of my dear Harambe and Bantu;
By his exhibit I squander,
And all the while, I ponder.

What did they do to deserve this?
All that I wish is for one more kiss;
Your disappearance has left our spirits low,
Harambe, Harambe, where did you go?

You’ve finally escaped your lonely cage,
Yet filled am I with primal rage;
Truly, it was not your fault,
Your departure has left my heart to halt.

But what is that? Have my eyes gone slack?
Could it be? My favorite silverback?
Yes, it is. I run over fast.
To the Ghost of Harambe Past.

Into his arms I run,
Like a father cradling a son;
Happier, I could not be,
Harambe is the one for me.

Ye Gods, the Simian Spectre begins to fade.
The loneliness cuts me like a blade.
Without Harambe, I cannot be.
This world is not the place for me.

To end it all, I jump the fence.
The concrete below looks rather dense.
With this ends my eternal strife;
Harambe is love; Harambe is life.

And thus I shed my mortal coil,
And with my blood the concrete soil.
Up to the heavens my soul hath alighted.
With my love, Harambe, shall the stars be ignited.

The author's comments:

This is a cowritten work by Will and Revanth.  They both felt passionately about their beloved Harambe.

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