Only Someone who's High can Love Me

August 30, 2016
By blondieZ BRONZE, Old Bethpage, New York
blondieZ BRONZE, Old Bethpage, New York
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You only love me when you're high,

when ur too above your head

to see the sky.

You can't see the lies,

nor care about the tides

that I'm drowning in

late tonight.

And every time you seem to try,

it is only when

I'm dying inside.

Too blind see my fragile waist

appearing so gentle

but out of place.

You never held me the way you should have.

You would not appreciate me,

you weren't a real man.

And all I ever wanted

was for you to be happy.

But I was unaware

that I was not helping.

And all this time

I forgot about me.

You werent the one,

you didn't deserve a thing.

And you never could see

the great girl I was meant to be.

You wanted someone else,

anyone other than me.

And perhaps we were never right,

sometimes I wonder if we were always

so uptight.

If this you around me

was always so sad.

And if you were constantly

making me feel

so bad.

But this time

I sought to see,

passed our wrongs and dignity

and find myself,

who I wanted to meet.

The me without you

the good kind of she.

Though my kind of high was different than yours.

Every time I was around you

my head would soar.

But that's not how it was for you,

drugs were the only way you knew.

So maybe I should have been thinking of me

instead of waiting for


to bring out who I was


to be.

The author's comments:

I would like to thank the person who inspired this piece. If you had never broken me i would have never learned how to put myself back together.

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