Little Big World

August 8, 2016
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He has five fingers upon his hand, each holding a mass of land.
The land, it goes with roaring seas, and dogs and cats and birds and bees.

The rulers are people, each one with a mind, and eyes that search but may never find.

Now the trees like a shield reach into the sky and soar with the clouds and the birdies that fly. Now, the birds they can see over all of the land;
the oceans that bubble and the hot burning sand.

But when they look closer they can easily see this is not a good world, on the contrary!

People who fight every day, every night, and the people who cry but are just left to die.

But when the birds look up into space;
they see there is more than this silly little race.

The stars that twinkle and the moon that is bright, there is more to life than strong will and strong might.
The sun, it shines for as long as one can see and it heats up the world for you and for me.

Now if you’re ever sad just look up and know that there is more to the world than what is for show.

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