Two Halves Make a Whole

July 31, 2016
By GraceEllen SILVER, Chatham, New Jersey
GraceEllen SILVER, Chatham, New Jersey
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A soft wind blew and rustled the leaves
The bluebirds hummed to the buzz of the bees
The sun shone bright on this first day of Spring
And warmed the skin of the Turquoise and Magenta Things

The Things were happy, Spring was finally here!
They jumped all around, and they whooped and they cheered.
But the Things didn’t get to celebrate for long
In the blink of an eye, the sunlight was gone

Gray clouds rolled in and darkened the sky
The forest ground rumbled for the Big Bad Guy

He glared down at the terrified Things
And said “Listen to me, for I am the King!
Magenta and Turquoise can not mix,
So I’ll build a wall out of rocks, mud, and sticks!”

“Magenta Things must stay on that side
And don’t even think about crossing the line
Turquoise Things will stay here with me
Don’t worry, just think of how happy you’ll be”

The two groups tried to go on with life
But they needed each other in order to thrive
Two halves make a whole, and that's what they need
In order to live and grow and succeed

Days and weeks and months rolled by
It wasn’t long before they started to die
The Big Bad Guy didn’t notice a thing
He was too caught up in being the King

But many weeks later, as he layed in his bed
A frightening thought popped into his head
His bottom lip quivered and he startled awake
He realized then, that he’d made a mistake

He got out of bed and looked all around
The colorful Things lay still on the ground
“Oh no, I must take back what I’ve said!”
But it’s too late now, the forest is dead

Now the bees don’t buzz and the birds don’t fly
All because of the Big Bad Guy

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