July 27, 2016
By ArtsyAuthor PLATINUM, Oakland, New Jersey
ArtsyAuthor PLATINUM, Oakland, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
"At first you don't succeed, try, try again."

We played this little game of ours

And rolled the die into their dance

We sacrificed our lives for this

And given in to chance


We tried to work our way uphill

But we brought each other down

So, in this entangled web of limbs,

We were all stuck to the ground


By luck one of us grew wings

And flew halfway to the summit-

Another was sucked by the earth

And lost forever in his plummet


Temporary alliances were made

Teams raced up to the finish

Weaks bonds were cracked and snapped

And parties were demolished


This was repeated up until

A single solitary team remained

One by one we backstabbed the other

And left only bloodstains


Soon, I reached the top

And started to celebrate

Until I realized there was only me

And such was my fate


There was only me at the peak

There was only me at the end

To achieve success all alone

And give up the company of friends


I now know and understand

Through chaos and every schism

These were the fruits--

Of Capitolism

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