The Vampire's curse.

July 10, 2016
By JayrozeTheVampireKing SILVER, Groton , Connecticut
JayrozeTheVampireKing SILVER, Groton , Connecticut
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Favorite Quote:
Life's a grave.
Dig it!

It's ending now.

The time is up.

I'll go in for your heart.

I'm not resisting anymore.

It's time for our battle to start.

You've taken all away from me and crushed my very soul,

so now it's time to pay the price.

It's time for you to know.

You'll never get away with this, so ill just tell you now,

to never steal my lover because I will tear you down!

The author's comments:

The four ballads that I've written are about each short story in my book "The Darkest Love."

The order that they go in is:


Rise of the Vampire.

When the pages turn to flames.

Roses are black.


The Vampire's curse.


I hope you like them!! XD

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