Recipe For A Funny Person

July 8, 2016
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A teaspoon of teasing,
Some self-doubt, just a cup,
A pinch of habanero,
Just to liven things up,
Sprinkle with attitude,
And mix with the whisk,
Add a portion of word play,
You’ll be “kneading” this,
Pour in pint of sweetness,
A handful of snobby,
Stir in quart of modest,
At least a gallon of cocky,
Collect two pellets,
Of puns from a jar,
A dash of decision,
So they don’t go too far,
Mix with a laugh,
Unique, like hyenas,
And all the fun nature,
Of a dazzle of zebras,
The loyalty of a fox,
The boundaries of a spider,
With as much truth,
As an outspoken liar,
Crack seeds of similes,
Stir till the crunch,
Quick like a cheetah,
To get to the punch,
Infuse with friend material,
Dreams, wish, and hopes,
Blend with best friends,
Who’ll laugh at her joke,
Garnish with listening,
And “works well with orders”,
Though you’ll have to teach her,
Not to cross borders,
It’s all very worth it,
And I have a confession,
My mom used these rules,
And she gave birth to a legend.

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