July 11, 2016
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All alone I fend them off,
I block their parry,
I buckled their swash.
But they came to overpower thee,
One hundred men, to just one me,
All a hundred, together they banded,
To tie me up, and leave me stranded,
On a desert island, I sit and say:
“They burn my ship, then sail away!”
I couldn’t but feel disinterested some,
As I watch my fingers, then wiggle my thumb,
Long, long ago, my legs went numb,
Sitting here waiting for death to come,
Oh how I regret, that I didn’t choose,
To stay on land, and find a crew,
In my defense, they all were shady,
No true pirates, with the spirits of planking,
To my surprise,
When I arise,
A great large fire waits with fun,
Heat so toasty,
And over roasting,
Burgers, so far past well done.
I find the strength to get to my feet,
Watching the tenderizing, juicy treat,
All five burgers I’d like to eat,
Gulp down the juice, pounce on the meat,
As I near much closer,
I see a mom and her kid,
This deserted island,
Is inhabited,
As I see the triangular fabric-like hut,
Away go the hopeless feelings in my gut,
Yet scared by the smelly roaming creatures,
With slight, but distinct primate features,
With their tall, weird shapes,
And looks coming nearer,
Though I know not what I look like,
Cause I don’t own a mirror,
Then all goes black, as I hear what I fear,
My mom saying:
“It’s a hot day, so come back in here!”

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