I Gotta a Lot of Pet Peeves MAG

July 11, 2016
By Babybearcub PLATINUM, West Linn, Oregon
Babybearcub PLATINUM, West Linn, Oregon
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"There's a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line" -Oscar Levant

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I love most things,
The lead of fate,
But here’s a list,
Of things I hate:

I hate the people,
Who think they’re great,
I hate bad homework,
Long over late,
I hate over-actors,
I hate moments meak,
I hate noisy pants,
And sneakers that squeak,
I hate bad fashion,
Over-long sleeves,
Come on, let’s face it,
I gotta lot of pet peeves.

I hate eerie noises,
Fork on a plate,
3D scratching,
I hate, hate, hate, hate!
I hate drafty windows,
I hate creaky floors,
I hate when the wind blows,
Out under the doors,
I hate sticky tile,
I hate losing threads,
It’s hard to hate candy,
But I dislike Lemonheads,
I hate the troublesome,
I hate bother-pests,
I hate failing any,
Grade, quiz, or test!
I hate watching movies,
With really bad thieves,
So I guess, let’s face it,
I gotta lot of pet peeves!

I could keep going,
Though we’d be here till dawn,
Cause the list keeps going,
On, on, and on!
So let’s wrap it up,
Cause nobody knows,
Where it could stops,
So, here we go!
I hate spiders,
People too literal,
Insects in general,
I hate breaking limbs,
Though that takes guts,
I hate most injuries,
Worst of all, paper cuts,
I hate loud speakers,
A bad colored bruise,
I hate when there’s little,
Bark chips in your shoes,
I hate things out of order,
Sweaters of wool,
I hate water glasses,
Half empty or full?
Cause you sure can’t be both,
People see different views,
You just have to choose!
I hate bad quarrels,
I hate bad friction,
I especially hate those,
With bad indecision,
I probably sound,
Like hate leads me astray,
But it don’t,
And I hate that you see me that way!

The author's comments:

I recently submitted a poem about the things I love in life and about life, so obviously I need a poem about my pet peeves. This was fun to write because it's pretty much you putting everythig that's ever bothered you or made your eye twitch on paper. It's best to do both an I Love and a Pet Peeves poem to sort of balance things out...

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