If I Could Wish Away

July 11, 2016
By Babybearcub PLATINUM, West Linn, Oregon
Babybearcub PLATINUM, West Linn, Oregon
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"There's a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line" -Oscar Levant

"You make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give." -Winston Churchill

If I could wish away the past,
World wars 1 and 2 wouldn’t last,
People would have the needs they lack,
There would be no fights between white or black,
Devices wouldn’t control our lives,
Instead of trouble, we’d give high-fives,
Everyone would be feed, instead of a smidgen,
There would have never been brawls against religion,
But none of these changes would ever last,
Because we cannot change the past,

If I could wish away the big things,
Liberty not decided by rulers and kings,
Wars and have world peace,
Poor with clothes of fleece,
If I could be something useful,
Handy and functional,
A fire to keep kids warm,
An umbrella to hide the storm,
A sword to fight the menace,
Or shield to protect the defenseless,
A light to brighten the day,
A catcher to keep bad dreams away,
But my difference would be meek,
Fore I am small and weak,
I cannot control worlds,
Like puppets on strings,
That is why, young one,
I can’t wish away the big things,

If I could wish away the small annoyance,
To donate things, to not have flamboyance,
Take my life and live it fully,
Not to be mean, and not to bully,
To care about quality, over amount,
These small changes will always count,
If I were in charge,
My motto wouldn’t be “change”,
It would be “Do everything for the better,
everything in your range”,
If we all try our hardest,
To protect and stay alive,
Everyone would be happy,
Everyone would survive,
There wouldn’t be poverty,
Just amazing,
Perfect harmony,
Enemies would be past,
Wars would be fiction,
No one would face troubles,
With grueling addiction,
Only drugs for medicine,
And alcohol for injury,
Food would grow prolifically,
Crimes would be history,
There would be no such thing,
As an endangered beast list,
Earth would have law and justice,
With rules that consist,
Of freedom,
And speech,
And opinion,
And fact,
Every decision that’s made,
Is precise and exact,
No judging,
Over-whelming hatred,
Every child go forth,
Downright educated,
Nature would be joyus,
With roaming wildlife,
There wouldn’t be wishes,
For a more perfect life,

But as we all know,
There’s affect and,
There’s cause,
We all know quite well,
That our sweet
Earth has flaws,
I know I can’t wish,
And expect to come true,
I have to work for my future,
And stride strongly into,
An unknown world,
Full of finals and assess,
Which job I am made for,
Which will I do best,
Fore it’s a strange world out there,
So bizarre, so wild,
But someday you’ll get through,
Work for wishes,
My child.

The author's comments:

This piece is about how much people wish they could change the past, and since they have so much focus on the past, they don't bother to change the future. We all have to learn eventually that we can't change the past, and if we don't focus on the future, those after us will be thinking the same exact thing.

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