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Everything Left Unsaid

July 4, 2016
By laurengenevieve BRONZE, Huntington, New York
laurengenevieve BRONZE, Huntington, New York
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You stood on the porch in the sticky summer rain,

saying goodbye with a smile while I cried.

My tears soaked your dress blues, but you didn't mind

and you told me I was fine until the sun went in and the moon started to rise.

Then you left me on the porch in the rain, thinking of all the things I wish I said instead of goodbye.

Wait, there's more -

How it felt when you draped your jacket over my bare shoulders, heavy with campfire smoke and cologne

and sat next to me in silence so I wouldn't be alone.

The way we danced in the rain,

a waltz in high-tops, no music but the storm,

The clouds shed cold, but yout voice kept me warm.

Wait, there's more -

Like the time you knocked on the door at half past midnight

Naturally you didn't care about dragging me out of bed, not when there was somewhere you wanted to go or something you hadn't said.

The time you picked me up in your car just to drive, and we rode with the headlights off and the radio on low.

Wait, there's more -

How about the time I realized I never realized I was in love with you until you said so?

How about how I never knew until I knew that you knew that I loved you that I loved you?

How is it that I felt so lost, but all along I was just so lost in being lost, and I really wasn't lost until I lost you?

Wait, there's more -

there's more I haven't told you, but I can't get up the courage and I'm left whirling with regret

Wait, there's more -

You can't leave me now, when there's so much more I haven't said.

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