December 23, 2015
By Lili7 BRONZE, Chiang Mai, Other
Lili7 BRONZE, Chiang Mai, Other
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Winter had dawned-

when we were both too busy.

Ice had formed-

without us even knowing.


I sit alone and wonder...

How had winter come so fast?

Oh, I wish spring came and melted

these tall boulders of ice!


A few tears escape my eyes,

but they too turn cold and hard.

So I just go on,

and pretend all is fine.

The author's comments:

I wrote this poem for english class when I was a freshie last year, but I'm submitting it now because I just randomly thought of it. Yes, I know that it doesn't sound like a poem that a ninth grader would write because I tried to focus on the cold reality of the pain that lovers feel when they break up. I've never gone through a breakup. Rather, I put myself in a lover's shoes and tried to vicariously feel what they might after break ups. This fact might take a little away from the poem, but despite it, I hope that some people would identify with what I wrote.

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