Remember What You Can

August 8, 2014
By GingerMonk PLATINUM, Lowell, Michigan
GingerMonk PLATINUM, Lowell, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"I became insane with long intervals of horrible sanity..."
-Edgar Allen Poe

"Tell me about yourself"
You ask with caring eyes
As I stare up at your shelf
Deciding not to wear a pleasant disguise

I struggle with relationships
Because no one knows who I am
But I'll give you a few tips
Remember what you can

I've grown up in a place
Under constant pain and hurt
Told that my existence was a waste
And I belonged down in the dirt

I've been thrown into the dust
Time and time again
Been the cure for one man's lust
For blood and broken skin

One day I couldn't take it anymore
So I screamed out how I felt
He just laughed and shut the door
Before lashing with his belt

He whipped me 'til I was raw
And then whipped me even More
Until broken skin he saw
Then he kicked me to the floor

"You're nothing but a worm"
He said, stepping on my wounds
"So go on and squirm"
He chuckles as he presses on the bruise

Tears fell down my cheeks
And it grew harder to see
I felt like such a freak
As he looked down on me

But that was yesterday
And now I'm here with you
Wondering if you may
Understand my point of view

If you may finally understand why
My father was found dead
And why I didn't cry
When they found him ice cold on his bed

You sit behind your desk
Your badge all shining gold
Struggling with the task
Of digesting the story I have told

So now you've heard my helpful tips
Please do remember what you can
About why I struggle with relationships
Especially with that man

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