The Kingdom by the Sea

March 19, 2014
There was a weeping princess
in her kingdom by the sea.
She pined and she worried,
cried, my love, please come to me!

The lonely wind howled louder
past her kingdom by the sea,
it mocked her loyal love, and said
A fool, the princess must be!

Her father, the King
and the people of their kingdom,
spurned her loyal love
and her father’s rage was fearsome.

Her foolishness must stop, he cried,
Even the wind mocks you, girl!
But she clutched her broken heart much tighter
and like an oyster, made a pearl.

She saved her love for her lost prince,
convinced he would return,
and save her heart from piercing sadness,
of this, her soul did yearn.

Then, one burning day at the very end of summer,
the sun had set atop the waves,
when, roaring, a dragon came,
to put her people in their graves.

He crashed across her kingdom
And he burned it all to ash.
The princess, tears upon her cheeks,
her love in her heart she stashed.

Many years passed them by
that Kingdom by the sea;
The air was filled with smoke and death
and the princess, different was she.

For her love her hope held out,
and she stared up at the sky
wishing her prince would come
and the dragon, he would die.

And then one night, in the mid of winter
the moon was cold and dim
A man on horseback galloped in
his face was set and grim.

In his hand, a gleaming sword
to slay the dragon dead,
and save his love, his princess,
and spill the dragons blood, bright red.

Their fight was one of legend,
the dragon’s roars a thundering boom.
The princess watched in awe-struck horror
convinced her prince was surely doomed.

Their fight stretched on a day and night
though it seemed a dragging eon.
The dragon fought but the prince fought harder
his face with dirt smeared upon.

The princess wept, her tears so pure
they put out the dragon's fire.
The prince then struck a killing blow
and the dragon did expire.

Her prince did dash, straight to her side,
and enveloped her in his arms so strong.
He whispered his love,
and sang to her a quiet, promise song.

It went: My lady, my love,
my princess by the sea,
I heard all your prayers,
and now I’ve come to thee.

My heart, oh it ached,
to hold you once more,
and now here I am
in this kingdom by the shore.

And the princess, she wept,
and the wind stilled in awe
for even nature was silenced
by an emotion so raw.

Their love was so strong,
in that kingdom by the sea
that it stretched on and on,
for all an eternity.

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Thalion said...
Mar. 25, 2014 at 12:29 pm
Great job! This is fantastic! Some of your rhymes seem a bit forced, but you did a fine job everywhere else. I have always been a bit daunted to tackle a long ballad poem like this one!
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