October 22, 2013
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When we were caterpillars
No one had a care
Of a what we looked like
How we wore our hair
As years went by
We formed a cocoon
Afraid to fly
Never sang to our own tune
Cliques are created
Old friendships are lost
Relationships faded
But to what cost
Sucked into the world of popularity
We lost all of our clarity
Groups exist with great divisions
Scared to speak of our own visions
Trends come to be
You listen to them all
Follow with attention
Or you will fall
Those who don't join the group
Are considered outcasts
They join eventually
Most don't last
With nowhere to go
Your strong spirit breaks
In a worthless show
A clique of fakes
Stuck in an infinite loop
A disguised heart
Masked in a group
No way to part
Filled with backstabbers
Swarming with haters
And secret blabbers
A frenzy of dictators
All fight for the throne
Everyone alone
No one to there for you
Nothing you can do
Your independent soul
No longer exists
You've taken a toll
Your personality isn't missed
Your now a clone
Your light hasn't shone
Your heart is ripped
With no one there to mend your heart
No way to go to the start...

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