The Delinquent

September 29, 2013
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They misjudge everything you do,
They place labels on you,
But have they ever walked in your shoes?

Delinquent is just a word
And some how along the way,
It has became your name.
The Delinquent

You steal money
You break into cars
You sneak the food from the corner stores
And everyone thinks they know what goes on behind your closed doors,
But do they really?

You have no home
And just adding group in front of the word
Makes it no better

You never cry
And maybe it's because there's no one
To listen, no one who cares,
You never ask why
And maybe it's because
You learned a long time ago
The world just doesn't work that way
You never pray
And maybe that's because
If He doesn't believe in you
Why should you believe in Him?

Your world has became so dim
Someone, a long, long time ago
Knocked over the lamp that once
Brighten your smile, your eyes
And the innocence that simply flared.
The lamp shattered, never to be repaired.
You spend your whole life trying to gather the broken parts
But every time you get one in your grasp,
It falls right through the crack.

Your parents could never understand your decisions,
Nor did they try,
When they kicked you out,
They didn't even say bye.

You do your best and your best is not that great,
You can never get your life straight,
Especially when it seems like you're
Constantly getting kicked to the curve.

You are spotted on the streets,
In your rugged clothes
And the hood pulled above your head,
The meanest words are said
But you keep going, you keep walking
Past everyone,
And say nothing
But I can read the look on your face,
You wish you could drop off the world,
Without a trace.

I see you
Sleeping on the sidewalk,
Asking for spare change
Knowing the only thing you will receive
Is nasty looks and on a good day maybe a few quarters and some pocket lent
As they walk away and mutter, “Freaking Delinquent.”

And hearing that word, “Delinquent” is just what you need,
you flip your hood over your head and keep walking,
you're searching for something better,
something to make you feel alive,
but in this crummy world,
off a high bridge, you rather fall face forward,
You'd dive!

The people you pass mutter that ten letter word
and you act on cue...

They misjudge everything you do,
They place labels on you,
But have they ever walked in your shoes?

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freeperson said...
Oct. 2, 2013 at 3:30 pm
Oh my god this is so darn awesome! I live this so much its going in my faves. :)
becauseincubus replied...
Oct. 7, 2013 at 1:00 pm
Thanks so much!
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