His Story

September 26, 2013
"Dear God!" I heard on the phone
My friend had called from home
"I have to go!" He said
Next I hear is what I dread
A great smash
Of a plane crash
From the tower so
The place he had to go
All adorned
His dreams forlorned
Sighing as he got on the truck
And from my place I wished him luck
Sirens wailed
Of the depressing tale
Even after they arrived
People leaped and dived
One by one in their torment
Smacked up against the cement
Over 100 stories high
Flames engulfed the sky
And smoke blanketed every floor
Chaos reigned forever more
Those proud towers once stood tall
Now they began to fall
And the people inside
All of them died
Including my friend
Yes he too met his end
Trapped under a beam
That tore at the seam
He said with a sigh
"Tell my dear friend goodbye."
Under the brim
He held his limb
Never yelled in pain
And all the the while was sane
His goal was met
And his life now set
Having honor again
Only here he would remain
Buried under the pile
That stretched more for a mile

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