The Locket

July 17, 2013
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Once upon the darkening hour, I had a dream filled with power.

I was walking over a step, straight, and rather strange bridge.

A bridge so shaky, that if it could shake once more it would break.

If it did, I would take a long and fast fall like if I fell off a ridge.

But I would stand still, and stay steady, so I couldn’t fall of this bridge.

I look all around me. And there was nothing in sight to see.

There was just a bridge. A broken, unbelievable bridge, in which I stand.

Then as I squint my eyes, to me this was a sudden surprise.

To me it was in perfect disguise, I saw a woman way out in the land.

She looked so calm, cool, and collected. As if this meeting was planned.

Strait to me she walked. She never made a noise, nor talked.

The happily she hopped on the bridge. So heavenly is she.

Out of no where she was remote. She reached inside her coat.

In her hand, there was no note, but a box about as big as a key.

She gave it a gaze, a confused gander, before she handed it to me.

With out any word or sound, she looked at me and then turned around.

Off she went, or shall I say disappeared. She left no trace or mess.

You could say I was bored. So I decided to open the box and explore.

I opened the box like a door, just to find a gold, chained, necklace.

A doe, or a deer. Possibly even a donkey, was emblemized as a crest.

It took me a while to realize, here in my hand is where this necklace lies.

That this trendy, tan and somewhat terrifying charm is something you can open.

Maybe there is something inside this locket, something that someone is to find.

This locket could be a sign that there is something bad or maybe good to begin.

But what if this charm is charmed, charmed or maybe cursed that if opened, it is a sin.

But daring I was and daring I felt when I slid open this locket like a belt.

Once it opened, a picture I saw, it showed me a family so happy at the beach.

Then suddenly I wasn’t on the bridge anymore, I was somewhere else on the shore.

I was at a beach where the ocean roared. I looked at the picture, it was the same beach.

Then I saw the same family, having a freakishly, amazing amount of fun, I beseech.

I felt so jealous I have never had a family before, they make me want one, so much more.

I marveled at the all the laughs and all the love. This family makes me feel so alone.

The way they all simultaneously smile all in unison makes me smile too, for only a while.

But my happiness was only versatile. I grew so much envy, that I just moan and groan.

I feel so angry, so absolutely angry at the happy family, that I hate them since its not my own.

My head fills up heavy with heat. I can hear my heart burn; I can’t believe it still beats.

I try, oh my do I try my best to calm down, but my tension only grows.

Oh I want this family to be mine, so much. How in the world could this be fine?

But all of this divine in me is still here but my heart doesn’t want to impose.

My mind is taking over me, why am I dreaming of this nightmare, do you suppose?

Oh, but my world gives up, I knew I could wake up!

This dream, this horrible, horrifying, hopeless dream is forgotten.

No more envy in my mind, now I truly am fine.

This dream has to be a bad sign, or else, why would it happen?

Or, maybe this bad has come. But what has it broughtin?

Yes, but this dream is still in my mind. That family was the best of my dream tonight.

The wondrous, wonderful family I want. Is the only thing that I want for me.

But there is something in my hand, something familiar in my hand.

In my hand I have the locket. And inside this locket, there is a family.

But there is something different about this picture of this family,

That there is another person in this family,

And it happens to be me.

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