A Gnat for Company

July 11, 2013
By Rachel15 SILVER, Ambler, Pennsylvania
Rachel15 SILVER, Ambler, Pennsylvania
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A gnat buzzed by my ear
Whispering bitter words and sowing distrust
I listened to the little gnat who fed on my fear
Its words now burn like a knife thrust.

How was I to know this was a dangerous affair
That the little gnat would cause so much trouble
When it seemed so harmless, just flying there
But I pick up the pieces of my life, everything I am in the rubble

I never should have trusted that gnat whose face have I hated
How was I to know something so small
Could ruin the perfect façade I created
As its words tore through my wall

Mama told me never to listen to the gnats
Who naw into all the skin they can find
Mama and I don’t talk much, especially after our spats
‘Cause now I’m living with a broken mind

“Regrets do nothing for nobody”

An old man told me one day

His words feel true as I stand hopelessly
Since regrets are the only thing; everybody else turned away

I could write a novel with my mistakes
Even if the same story repeats
Until it was too late, I never learned what was at stake
The gnat was all too delighted to hover as I sat alone in the streets

Now I stumble about my little home
With nothing but the gnat for company
I should have never been left to roam
But now all I am left with is a gnat for company

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This article has 1 comment.

LaraB said...
on Jul. 17 2013 at 8:46 pm
I love "The Gnat"!  Great symbolism and love how Rachel15 kept taking us back to the Gnat throughout the work...


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