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The Sea

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The sea is smooth and the sails limp. The boat sits becalmed.
then on the water, a miracle far in the distance .
a zephyr of breeze, a stirring of air
the sailors rejoice, for the wind is finally offering assistance

Then, With the zephyr of breeze arriving at last,
With the wind as an ally, the boat gets going.
The sailors rejoice, for exotic lands lie ahead
Their boat is showing no sign of slowing.

The wind is constant and the sails are full
Life is good with the boat sailing fast
Far in the distance, a storm is brewing
And the sailors know that the fun can't last

The dark skies approach and the seas begin to build.
The boat is tossed about, the sailors made ill.
The wind is no longer the ally. it is the enemy.
The waves come forth like walls, each ready to kill.

One wave in particular tosses the boat
The boat is knocked down, breaking its mast.
The sailors are safe, but their boat is stricken.
They wonder how long the storm will last.

Night falls and the exhausted sailors sleep
While their boat spins out of control.
They are at the mercy of the sea
the next morning, the scene is dull

The sea is smooth and the winds calm. The boat sits battered.
then on the water, a miracle far in the distance .
a passing ship, a beacon of hope
the sailors rejoice, for they need the assistance.

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