My Revenge

June 20, 2013
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t was the average everyday Sunday afternoon, me watching football on the couch and my wife yelling at me. Then an urgent news update came on from the man I hated so much. His name was Thomas Davis III; he is a newscaster for ABC. We went to the same college, Morgantown Community College. We were best friends in College; I had terrible grades and this was the only college I could get into. Thomas was a genius of Maths and Science. He just had a bad activity that got him kicked out of Harvard. We were best friends. One night after the Jack Daniels was passed around, we promised each other money if each of us ever made it big. Two years ago when I asked him money at his house in New York City. He approached me with his goons and broke both of my legs so that I couldn’t walk, and I am handicap.

My name is Fred Newman and I live in the middle of nowhere with my stupid old wife. I can’t walk much so I am unemployed and bound to a wheelchair. I tried suing Thomas, but he beat me in court so that left me filing for bankruptcy. I think I am an average fat American male. I just have one dirty secret. I am going to kill that man. The other day when I was on my old Apple computer I went on to and booked me a flight to New York and this time I was bringing my weapons. I already tried this before and I was caught and was given two years in jail and a hundred hours of community service.

Monday was always a bad day for me. It reminded me that my terrible legs meant I could not work and ask her for money. She called me down for breakfast, always in a bad mood. I have not told her about my travel plans. I lied to her about having a Job interview and having to borrow the 1992 Ford Focus. My plan was to leave for the airport as soon as she left.

It was a decent five hour drive to the Airport. It reminded me of my old job as a trucker, the only good job I got. I arrived at the airport. It was the first time I was back at this place since I was a child. I did not understand the airport. In my bag I was almost caught with my semi automatic AK-47, my sawed off 10 gauge shotgun, I had 3 glocks, and two 7 inch switchblades. On the way to the airport I shipped off all of my weapons on Ups to my Hotel Room. The plane ride was terrible, I got texts from my wife asking where the hell her car was. She also said if I ever showed my but home we had a divorce coming. Once I landed at the New York airport I was mugged. Outside the airport he had a gun and asked me for all my money. It was right next to the airport so I threw him into the Hudson River. I was not going to take no S today.

It was a terrible ride to my Hotel 6 and the room was terrible, it was the only hotel that had rooms open. I sat on my bed on started to clean my shotgun. If I ever got to kill Thomas I would then kill my wife, then kill myself. I decided to go to a New York City bar, I had only thousand bucks and I was going to die so I drowned myself in single malt whiskey and expensive food. I decided to attack ABC Tomorrow. I started texting my wife, mocking her for being fat and not being a good cook. There was a lot of words exchanged that I can’t say now. I laughed and slept and woke up at four in the morning. I turned on ABC in the morning and watched Thomas Davis, he was going to be dead by tonight.

The weapons I took was my baby; the AK-47, one switchblade, and my sawed off 10 gauge. Right outside of my Hotel 6 in New Jersey, I took a taxi to the subway and dodged the taxi fare and slipped into the Subway. Growing up in the country I never did anything cool, I was a small town boy. It took a long time for the subway trip, when I finally got to the subway station nearest to the ABC building I was ready. It was a short walk to the front entrance and loaded my weapons. It dawned on me would I be considered a terrorist, I drank from my bottle i took from the hotel minibar and took out my gun walking into the ABC building. It was my semi-automatic AK-47 there was a security guard to my left which I shot in the head. On the right I clicked my switchblade and swung it at a mans chest. I lost my knife but that guard was dead.
All through the reception area I was nailing people down with a spray of bullets then blood splattered back at me. The receptionist was trying to hold me from the elevator and I through her at the glass and a spray of bullets followed her out of the window and I knew she was dead. When I got to the elevator there was ancient security guard which I enjoyed killing him. I was a mad man I deserved to be killed, but I switched to my Shotgun and placed it on my hip. I had a blood splattered shirt that said Morgantown Community College.
It was a quick ride up to Thomas’ office which was on one of the top floors. I got all of this off the internet. I ran down the hall most of the people were phoned up that a terrorists attack was happening and they locked their doors and were hiding in their office. I came to Thomas’ office I shot off the lock. I looked out the window and I saw a SWAT team surrendering the building, I laughed and saw my good ‘ol friend.
“Hello, Thomas It’s good to see you after all these years, the last time I talked to you made handicap. Guess what my wife is now your biggest fan. So much hate is brewing through my veins. So I am here to kill you, don’t even try to bribe me with money” said Fred.

“I am sorry Fred, I loved you I truly did. You were my best friend, back in the day I was young and selfish. You approached me at a bad time, I was angered by what had happened with me. You were with me when I got kicked out of Harvard you were always with me. I think it would be right if you killed me now” said Thomas.

I thought to myself was I the terrible person here. Then I looked down at my wheelchair and looked at my shotgun. For about a minute I looked at my gun, I killed too many people I would surely go to hell.

Thats when the door was opened by a SWAT team I only got one shot off, but it nailed me right in my gut. They cuffed me and rushed me to the hospital. I was kept cuffed while they operated on me. I woke up in a jail cell and there was a small note that my court date was in a few hours. I laughed to myself if I wasn’t given life I would be killed.

Theres not much I can say about the trial, it was almost laughable. They showed me barging into ABC killing twenty or so people in the reception area. So the jury charged me with 23 first degree murders and I was given six lifetimes in prison plus 10 years and I was not ever able to go on parole. I still laugh about it, that was over 30 years ago. My wife got all of my stuff and divorced me and is happily married to Thomas Davis III, I should have killed him, thats what I tell myself everyday. They sent me copies of their wedding pictures I ripped them up and cried. I sit in my high security jail cell waiting, waiting till my end.

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