A Child Unborn..

May 15, 2013
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It was dark just like it’s always been,
As I listened to the sound of her voice.
Soon I was going to enter the world,
And everyone would rejoice.

I was happy and scared with so many questions.
What’s it like in the big blue world?
And who’s that man I’d always hear saying,
“You’re daddy’s little girl.”

When will I come, who will I be?
Will she really hold me tight?
Hug me, kiss me, tuck me in,
And stay with me all through the night?

Thinking is hard with a brain this small,
So I decided I’d just take a nap.
So I shifted over and pulled my limbs close,
Until in my warmth I was wrapped.

But what happened next, I’m not quite sure.
I was jerked from side to side.
I looked around and came to the realization,
It was coming from outside.

Some moments later sirens wailed,
And the temperature in the womb dropped.
I knew in that moment that things weren’t right,
Because her heart had stopped.

“She’s not breathing and there’s a baby in there!”
I head one of the men say.
But it happened so fast and it was too late.
He proclaimed we had both passed away.

When I opened my eyes and looked around,
I was no longer frail and small.
For I had grown a significant amount,
Once fragile and thin, I stood tall.

Confused, I arose and stumbled backwards,
On my newly developed feet.
A sway to the left, a sway to the right,
My balance I just couldn’t meet.

Then out of the fog I saw her there,
In a soft voice, she told me I died.
And as she began to explain my death,
A single tear fell from her eye.

“My precious child, I love you so,
It wasn’t supposed to end this way.
You were so young, still a baby unborn,
But there in the earth you lay.”

She walked to my side and put her arms around me,
And together we looked down.
Through the parting of the clouds and the glow of the sun,
I saw our caskets being lowered into the ground.

She turned to me, with tear filled eyes,
“He was on his way home from the bar.
Was drunk off his butt and didn’t think twice,
About getting behind the wheel of his car.

His stoplight was red and ours was green,
So I proceeded to go.
Through the corner of my eye I saw him coming,
But my reaction was far too slow.

Now because of this man, you and I have passed,
I had so many hopes for you.
Camping, swimming, cooking, movies,
Whatever you wanted to do.

Now I know it’s not fair that your life was taken,
Before you ever got the chance to live.
My precious I’m sorry, but there isn’t one thing,
For you in this world I wouldn’t give.”

Now with my mother I sit, above in the clouds,
Seeing all the cruel things people do.
The wars, the bombings, the beatings the heartache.
And yes, the drunk drivers too.

My name, I don’t know, my life, never lived.
I’m just a child unborn.
But I know that drunk driving can be stopped,
And it starts with a simple warn..

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freeperson said...
Jun. 7, 2013 at 5:48 pm
Wow-I read this and i couldn't stop reading it. I searched it millions of times before i found the right one... :)
tatertot15 replied...
Sept. 11, 2013 at 3:07 pm
You were searching for this specific poem? By me??
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