Heartache's Handshake

April 30, 2013
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Ive known heartache,

I watched hI'm walk to me and shake my hand.

He said, " Hi there girl"

Don't you know that I'm your biggest fan?

and through the grip of my handshake,

I felt the poison began to start

I felt it up inside my veins,

as it made its way to my heart.

I started running,

but the poison beat me to my goal.

I turned and saw my heartache,

grinning at the happiness he stole.

He walked up to me,

and I kicked hI'm off his feet,

He yelled, "Don't try it girl!"

"you know I cant be beat!"

I got up and stood over hI'm,

said "heartache your so crass"

"Ive known you sense I was a child"

"and its about tI'me I kick your a**"

I took my happiness from heartaches chest,

and held it tightly in my hand,

I Held my hands up to the Lord,

To show heartache where I stand.

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