No Turning Back

May 8, 2013
I wish that I could do things right
But they always turn out left
I wish that I could shed my light
Upon the mistakes that I’ve kept

I wish that I didn’t cry so much
But I cannot keep it in
I ‘m really losing my sense of touch
That I cannot hide within

I wish that I could speak my voice
That screams inside my head
So that maybe they could hear my choice
For what I want instead

I wish I didn’t go out the easy way,
Blatantly lie and cheat
People who I love, I betray
In order to make my own cravings complete

I wish that I didn’t steal
Things I didn’t earn
Desires in your mind are surreal
Bring it back and return

I wish that I didn’t explode with rage
Upon the ones that I love so dearly
Igniting intensely like a fire burnt page
Chaos makes me think unclearly

I wish that I control my desires
Indulgences and temptation
But they only build up and conspire
I’m haunted by my own creation

I wish that I wasn’t locked up in my selfish greed
But maybe learn to give
To those who really need
Those valuable things to live

I wish that I didn’t run away
From the problems that I fear
But my problems always seem stay
The ones I never want to hear

I wish that I could make up my mind
For what I want to be
In the end I always get left behind
And it’s all because of me

I wish that I wouldn’t regret
What I’ve done in the past
But maybe try to forget
And be happy for what I have

I wish that I could just start over
And fix this life of mine
Life will give you the cold shoulder
Because you can’t turn back the hands of time

I wish that I could open my eyes
And believe that these were all just dreams
But it won’t happen till I realize
Life is not what it seems

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