Thorin Oakenshield

April 24, 2013
He led the dwarves through rough terrain,
He laboured to restore his name,
He fought in battles far and wide
With mostly Orchrist by his side.

He led the way to the Lonely Mountain,
Through Mirkwood and the Rivendell,
He passed by roads and old fair fountains,
He walked through hills and woods and dells.

Then when he reached his destination
And made the filthy dragon go,
He searched through all the dwarf creations
To find the magic Arkenstone.

But he was late for Bilbo found it.
Then elves came forth to claim some gold,
Before he knew, they were surrounded
Inside the Dwarvish Lair of old.

Then war erupted 'tween the nations:
The dwarves, the elves and the men of Dale,
They fought with strength and with negation,
But goblins came to fight as well.

Then eagles came to join the fray,
And dwarves came marching led by Dain.
The wargs and goblins will rue that day,
For all of them were hurt or slain.

To make some peace young Bilbo came
To the tents of the elves to talk some time.
The Arkenstone with him he brang
To stop the battle and war crime.

When war had ended, Bilbo came,
To the large fair elf tent once again.
But this time came to say Farewell,
To the proud free dwarf who while battle fell.

The hobbit stood and gazed at him
His eyes got teary, his eyesight dim,
Then Thorin woke and raised his head
To ask forgiveness on his bed.

When Bilbo said that he bore no spite,
The dwarf sighed once and fell asleep.
He peacefully passed o'er that night,
'Cross the river of Time that ran wide and deep.

But the line of Durin had not ended
Despite Fili’s and Kili’s deaths.
For upon the Mountain throne ascended
Dain, who ruled ‘til his last breath.

But Thorin will always be admired,
For his quest to regain his Mountain throne.
He traveled there through wood and fire
And now will rest with the Arkenstone.

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