Suppose To Be

April 23, 2013
By , Franklin, WI
She is trapped,
trapped in a body that she doesn't want
Sometimes she hates this body,
with every flaunt

Her imperfect face
The one that seems too round
And her unpredictable language
That seems to just come right back around

This is why she wants to go,
even when she knows she can't
She has to stick to being her
Or at least be the one she can't

Yes the pain does strike through her
Like a bolt of lightning strikes a tree
But she must keep going
For them and for me

For the people who care
Her family and friends
The ones that make her life worth living
Even when all she wants to do is end

So I return to her body
The one that's eyes stare back at me
The one that seems to act differently around others
And to regret when it flees

She flees from everyone
When its time to stand up,
for what she believes in
Even though she's too weak; she won't

Her body that's lips twitch into a smile
Even when it's sad
Just for the benefit of others
Not for being glad

She cries every night though
Tired of being alone
because they were the ones
who left her as hard as stone

The ones who died
The ones she mourns
And the ones who couldn't be there
Because they weren't able to stay beside her

They could not be there by her side
Why? Because they weren't strong enough
Strong enough to put up with who she really was
So she changed herself, to a person they would come to love

This is why she fakes a smile
This is why she never lies
To others at least
But, her true self, that's the one who cries

So she stopped the pain
On just one ordinary day
After she was about to end it
Yes, on that very day

Someone spoke words to her
Telling her to just go
But another said something else
Something that she'd come to know:

You are perfect
Kind and sweet
Don't ever tell a lie
To yourself or the ones who will weep

Yes, they will weep
When you end yourself today
So don't give up
Put the pills away

Yes that's right
close the cap
Look in the mirror,
and realize who you kept

Who you kept locked up
Your true self today
The one that wants to break free
From the cage you yourself locked her in
So set her free, don't delay

And that's what the girl did
She unlocked the lock with a key
And when the door clicked open,
she was filled with glee

She smiled at everyone
But it was never fake
It was filled with kindness
And no happiness at stake

Because that was the day she realized
What she was really worth
Who she would kill
And who she would never hurt

Those who wouldn't care if she ever left
When they knew it was really their fault
For making her feel pain
So she left them without a doubt

And that same girl smiles at me
Whenever I see her anywhere
In windows of stores
and mirrors at the bottom of stairs

Sometimes she waves her hand
Or funny faces she will make
But she just laughs them off
She is not a fake

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