I am Free

April 15, 2013
By MicroGiant GOLD, Elkhart, Iowa
MicroGiant GOLD, Elkhart, Iowa
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In the sky I am free

I am as silent as can be
As I'm soaring over trees

Hunting by the full moon's glow
I can see my prey below

Gliding down I have no fear
For I know that they can't hear

I spread my talons, sharp as knives
And I quickly end their lives

I take them back to my nest
To feed my babies the very best
Soon they will be able to fly
And the mice will fear their cry

In the trees I am free

In a tree on a ranch
I jump from branch to branch

I travel without fear
Of the predators that are near

If I have to I can climb
Then i wait out the time

My nest is nearby
If the predator is in the sky

The greatest thing thing that i dread
Has a hat upon his head
He has a gun in his hand
The projectile I can’t withstand

In the ground I am free

In a hole on the ground
I hope not to be found

The way I move you can’t see
It seems to be a mystery

My skin is nice and slimy
It keeps me from getting grimy

It’s getting dark out I can tell
Thanks to a special type of cell

Moving slowly, not making a sound
He doesn't even shake the ground
Getting closer he prepares to strike
Ducking down, I avoid the Tiger Shrike

In the stream I am free

This stream is teeming with life
I cut through the water like a knife

I can’t stop to eat, this I know
Because of a special place I must go

The journey is very hard
In many places i'm already scarred

I have crooked jaws just like my kin
Bright red is the color of my skin

There is a waterfall that i must jump
There is a bear on his rump
Too long he did wate
He tries to snag me but is too late

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