Stay In School

April 6, 2013
The teenagers I grew up with are getting high,

Teenagers are getting shot, their mother's break down and cry.

I'm studying hard, keeping myself in check; avoiding every drug.

Dropping out is a mistake made by every neighborhood thug.

I work hard, think right, continue to stay in school. I free myself of doubt.

Doing drugs, Another mother looses her child, it's sad. This is not what life is about.

Watching as kids younger than me with such potential that is shoved deep inside.

My oldest childhood friend is getting fried. I attempted to rid him of his demons, I really tried...But I failed, all I wanted was too see him arise with a bit of help from a guide by his bad side.

My mother and father dropped out, drugs took over their world.

Drugs left their minds tangled and swirled.

They lost more than they thought they would.

Bad decisions, but I know it's not from living in the hood.

The latest styles, hundred dollar sneakers, and polo are not what make you cool.

What makes you cool is making it out a success, and to accomplish your dreams you have got to be ambitious.

Use your head, drugs and alcohol are malicious.

Keep your guard up, don't be a fool.

Stay in School, An education is what really makes you cool.

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