April 4, 2013
Big tails, small tails,
Short tails, long,
I turn a bunch of tails
Into a song.

Thick tails, thin tails,
Striped tails, plain,
Strange tails: rat tails
Caught in the drain.

Flat tails, bushy tails,
Curled tails, straight,
Annoying little tattletales
That I hate!

Stiff tails, twitching tails,
Wagging tails, drooped,
My brother would take all those tails
And make them looped.

Brown tails, black tails,
Yellow tails, white,
All sorts of different creeping tails
In the black night.

Whale tails, dolphin tails,
Shark tails, fish,
Little red shrimp tails
On a dish.

Coat tails, comet tails,
Fairy tales, smoke,
The tale from my brother's mouth
When I gave him a poke.

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