Boot Camp

March 31, 2013
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Use literary devises in your thesis
And don’t forget to have a hook.

Remember your syntax and your diction
When you analyze your book.

You can talk about foreshadowing
But remember to use a metaphor.
And if you wish to be exemplary,
Please, please don’t be a bore.

Remember that most points are lost
When students use poor grammar.
And when you stand before the class
You must never stammer.

If you want to be a Marine
You must survive Boot Camp.
You will be exhausted,
Alone in the cold and damp.

Your officer is harsh and cruel,
The work load is massive.
But to be one of the few, the proud
You must be persuasive.

Remember that you need enjambment
When you write your final poem.
And soon it will be over,
And we can all rest at home.

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