Monster of the night

March 23, 2013
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Monsters of the night,
Prowl the night, prowl with ease,
Monsters of the night;
Take what you want, take what you please

It was her fault they say
It is her to blame, of course!
No time to waste on ethics;
No time to waste on remorse,

Monsters of the night,
You are puppets of your need;
Monsters of the night,
Servants of your greed,

She dared to live, she dared to try,
Rusted, age-old law shall suffice,
Wrong choice, our friend, so trusting;
For now she will pay the price

Monsters of the night,
Are free of crime and free of blame;
Monsters of the night;
Us women are all the same,

She died vain, or did she not?
Was life theirs to take or ours to keep?
Death leaves its mark: she has left her own;
Or is this just a tired nation’s phase?

Monsters of the night
Justice will be served
Monsters of the night
Victory will be hers

We fight for her, we fight for us
But we have lost more than we can replace
Can virtue and prestige be restored hereafter?
With monsters of the night, is there even such a place?

Monsters of the night
Justice has been given
Monsters of the night
All has been forgiven

Yet our memories are vessels, time is a sieve
And she has gone somewhere we cannot retrieve
Horrors are fresh, we neglect them not just yet
But even as I write this, I begin to forget

Monsters of the nation;
Don’t give up, keep on trying,
For the new rose that blooms today;
Tomorrow will be dying

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