People PLeaser

March 12, 2013
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Said the words,
but had no feeling,
Took them back,
And sent me reeling,

Into a world
That I don't know,
With a sadness,
I'm to weak not to show.

Said the words,
To make me smile,
Let me believe,
In my dream for a while,

But took the magic,
From the dream,
Made into a nightmare,
All that I'd seen.

Said the words,
To make it easy,
To keep me content,
But now I'm queasy.

You said the words,
But are a teaser.
You lied to me,
You're a people pleaser.

You took them back,
Told me your heart,
And in the process,
Tore mine apart...

You said those words,
The sacred phrase,
And made them put me,
In a daze,

I hate them now,
And all that made you
A people pleaser
But I still love you.

I never lied,
My conscience clean,
But as I die slowly,
You know I mean

To walk away,
But my legs crawl back,
Tell me I'm worth it,
At least give me that...

But if you say I am,
I wont believe you.
You're a people pleaser...
It's what you do.

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