February 28, 2013
I hate being in this place
This horrid state of mind
Where you put me in positions
That could make me opposed to kind
You treat me with all maliciousness
And whip me, and beat me flat
Never shall I forget
Lest I remember that
That night beyond the moon and stars
And every galaxy
Where moonshine's dust, and sunlight's a must,
In all foolish vanity
This is where our story starts
Way beneath the earth
Where chains are found with bones and blood
Next to cherubim and mirth
The saints are mixed with sinners
With their futures and their pasts
With every part of love and war
Written, or acted out
And you came in with stony eyes
And took me by no hand
You stole my eyes from seeing right
And blindness came then flashed
You dragged me out from my comfort
And into the gates of hell
Where ghosts haunt ghouls
And flowers wilt
With flaming rods and bells
Little sound that I could hear
Crept inside my body bag
You thrashed me about
Then took me out
Not caring about my head
Now there were bones
Crushed and bloody
Somewhere in my bod
And with little care
You tore out my hair
And feeling left with throbs
Long ago I felt sleep and love
Now abuse and words
Why leave me beat than let me sleep
With no feeling left in me?
Now I feel pain
(not faked, not feigned)
No sight, no sound, nothing left
To leave me aware that I'm not here
And Every day of my life is dead.

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