The Steel Beast

February 18, 2013
The quaking grounds trembled as it churned,
Warning the small animals to not come near,
The steel beast pushed its way through the forest,
The hissed steam threats were clear.

The abused metal tracks screeched aloud,
As the mighty beast encircled a mountain round,
The crying skies dripped their tears,
Splashing all about, pouring to the ground.

The crude animal tore up toward the skies,
Ignoring the heaven's weeping sighs,
Never noticing the vigilante coming, coming,
Never noticing its weight being lifted to new highs.

The steel beast floated throughout the air,
Screaming loud an unforgiving roar,
An angered hiss scratched the lands,
To the monster, this meant war.

The train bit at the clouds as it went higher,
It's anger increased by four,
But before the animal could do its harm,
It was stopped and pulled to a halt by the Conductor.

It shuddered and whimpered as its director neared,
It stuttered and hindered and looked quite tame,
But the Conductor could see beyond its steel frame,
Deep within the beast, there still burned a wicked flame.

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