The Quaint Unseen Dear Rose of Green

February 15, 2013
The rose of green shines as a queen
With emerald luster petals gleam
A subtle beauty few have seen
The awe that is a rose of green

Angelic love, so clear and clean
Romantic as an ocean scene
With beauty stolen from a dream
Breathtaking is the rose of green.

Dainty as a diamond dream
Brighter than the sunlight’s beam
Bursting with a grand esteem
Floral regime: The rose of green

A lavish beauty set agleam
Jewels from the heavens’ ream
Enchanting is the constant theme
How exquisite is the rose of green?

All of nature’s wondrous scenes
Every of all splendid dreams
The entourage of beauty’s team
Wither by the rose of green

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