Norman Invasion of England

February 14, 2013
By Jacob Humphrey BRONZE, Waverly, Nebraska
Jacob Humphrey BRONZE, Waverly, Nebraska
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England was ruled by the Saxons, Proud

till the year Ten-Sixty-six

They had ruled for centuries

since the Roman Empire’s Fall

But in that fateful year of 1066,

The King of England died,

childless and broke.

Harold Godwinson was crowned the new King

There were others, however, who claimed England

The Norman Duke, William,

and the Norse King Harald,

decided to invade and take England for their own.

The Norse were beaten at the Town of York

but the Normans were on their way.

The Saxons marched the Normans landed

and met in the hills of Hastings.

The Two sides fought for rule of England,

The Saxons stood atop the hill,

the Normans massed below.

The battle for England begins with a Norman charge

When the dust settled,

only one army was left standing

and King Harold of England laid slain

with an arrow through his eye.

the Norman Duke, William,

and all his men cheered

For England was theirs to rule

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