Under Your Skin

February 12, 2013
Your eyes, they pierce
Your heart, it aches
You wish I was gone
As if wishing is all it takes
I see you wanting to want
The way you try to feel
As if pushing like you do
Will ever make it real

I’ve seen you together
And he is only getting a taste
Of all the love and affection
I always put to waste
So I’m not asking for a favor
Not asking you to forget
Too much to forgive
Just enough to regret

I just see all the pain you’re in
Whenever you’re with at him
Lying about where your mind has been
And I can see I’m still under your skin

I’m the mistake
You pretend you didn’t make
I’m the fall
You pretend you didn’t take
And I’m the scar
You pretend isn’t there
Scratched on your heart
Pain you pretend you can bear

You come to me
Every night in your dreams
You have forgotten me, though
Or so it seems
I’d never ask for a favor
Never dream you’d forget
Too much for you to forgive
Just enough you can regret

I see all the pain you’re in
Whenever you look at him
Lying about where your heart has been
And I know I’m still under your skin

I know it must be hard
To have me so near
I can see all of your desires
As you act out you’re fear
This isn’t any favor
You haven’t forgotten
Too much went wrong
But it's lust you’re lost in
You're head begins to spin
As you step away from him
Falling back into places you’ve been
Letting me back under your skin

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GoldieLocks19 said...
Feb. 19, 2013 at 9:13 pm
I really liked the idea behind this piece, how people can move on but not really let go, and with a little work I think you can go places. I also enjoyed the use of repitition here and there to help make your point clear. But great poem, I think I'll keep an eye out for you :)
Also if you could check out my work, it's up to you, but it'd be greatly appreciated
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