Just Average

February 10, 2013
An average girl stands plain and lank
Staring straight ahead, I wave at her and she waves her hand
Though with much clink and clang
Shining armor, dark and thick
Weighed heavy with remorse, her emotion is a mighty force
It may look small, but it feels big
Muscles quiver, sweat drips down
Yet still her stance is firm, and I offer help but not a squirm
Adjacent she is pondering the ground
As I turn she does the same
The next scene slides on to the screen, wafting toward us is a stench to spoil all serene
With thunder’s flash and lightning’s bang
She is gone and in her place
An average paper boat is floating, falling apart as if melting
It fights the downpour with much hast
The boat never stood a chance
My tears were shed for not and no one, thoughts as clear as the sunshine come
An average blossom swayed and danced
It reached skyward, almost brushing
But then the scene began to fade, sheets and pillow coax me toward the day
Though still, of night there is a dusting
For a moment I lay silent
And picture her girl that looks like me, in the mirror there I see
An average girl stands tall, resilient

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