Maria's Song

January 22, 2013
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This ballad is Maria's song,
The forest is her home
I am her poet who declares,
She'll never be alone

Maria is so beautiful,
Though she is very poor
Her life was not a rose petal
This is more then a lore

She needs the things that I can't give
Because my life is poor
I am but a simple poet
She is so weak and torn


She wanted children everywhere,
A yard for flowers too
But my poor darling prayed in vain
I could not stay that's true

She ran from me to hide away
I looked for her in vein,
her fragile mind was in such pain
She died and cried my name


I ran and ran but was to late
Her body was so cold,
I miss my darling that I kiss
The clay I use to mold

Her broken heart filled me with grief
I cried and cried all night,
I knew my heart would be alright
For she was in the light


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