Sad Clown

January 21, 2013
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Her face is covered with colors.
Red, white, blue, purple: spilling across her face.
Her mouth is twisted in an everlasting frown.
The pointy hat that sits on her head is her never ending crown.

Size eighteen feet, but they are not true.
Wearing a jumpsuit while some get a tutu.
Her nose is a ball,
Red; but that’s not all.

Justice: she is not served.
People point and laugh,
All of the amusement creates a ball of nerves.

How she is continuing this, you say.
Well besides the taunting and teasing,
she wouldn’t have it any other way.
The lights, the loudness, everything that the circus brings.
This clown loves the dancing the sings.

The painted frown is just a disguise.
What she really feels is in her eyes.
Pulling up her suspenders on her jumper.
Pulling a bunny out of her hat named Thumper.

The true feelings of this mistaken identity,
is one that is fulfilling entity.
She believes that she’s there for a reason:
Divine Intervention guiding her through life’s seasons.

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