Concerned and Fed Up

January 18, 2013
By , Novi, MI
Dear Tom and Jerry,
Isn’t it time you two just get along?
To bring an end to this eternal rivalry,
This, if it was to go on, would just be wrong.
We all get it, you share no chemistry.

It is time to look past being simply cat and mouse,
For that is not a good enough reason to act this way.
Since your dispute seems to be over this single reason;
I would go so far, to even call you a cliché.

It has gone on long enough,
The endless battle between you two.
Aren’t you tired of playing so rough?
Perhaps, don’t you think, it is time to try something new?

Let’s also not forget that with any war, there is collateral damage.
Breaking home owners dishes and furniture and more,
Eating their cheese and making little mouse holes.
These poor people, certainly, must be exhausted by now.

I don’t mean to come across so harsh,
But now it is time for a reality check.
Now! You need to remove your feet from this disputing marsh,
To leave behind what you created… which is a filthy wreck.

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