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January 8, 2013
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Sitting in my armchair, I hear the daily news
I listen to the stories and the differing point of views

The crackling of the wireless like an angry swarm of bees
Drowns out the names of soldiers who have fallen over seas

The man from down the butchers says we’re losing men like flies
And that ‘Jerry’s’ moving in with no mercy in his eyes

So we’re ramping up recruiting to replace the ones we’ve lost
But never shall I volunteer, at such a gruesome cost

I’m too important to be shipped away to battle and defend
Id much rather be home and safe than to meet my bloody end

My fireplace shall warm me more than bullets will ever do
For the ration books are tough enough without being blown to Timbuktu

I’ve plenty friends with me at home, no more than that I’d want
Especialy if your mateship bond is to put your life upfront

I’d much prefer my home cooked meals at night to feast upon
Than the filthy rations given out to last you all night long

My mother and my father can be reached by word of mouth
Much better than a letter that could end up going south

A nice warm bath late at night is a comfort to the soul
More pleasant than a bloodbath that fills a deep foxhole

Some say that it’s experience, an adventure to enjoy
But I got enough excitement playing rugby as a boy

I’m a far too handsome fellow and nothing can compare
I’d like to avoid those bloody wounds so painful, raw, and bare

I value life far more these days, as I gracefully age and grow
Far more than those young lads out west that shall never really know

So war is not the thing for me, it’s wealth that needs creation
I’d rather fill my wallet out, than cop one for the nation

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