Beauty and the Eternal Bliss

December 21, 2012
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With my heart beating fast and my hands in a shake,
I pray to God that I don't make a mistake.
I see her there in a beautiful dress
And she is with me who is a giant, ugly mess.

I sat there wondering how I obtained such luck
And how with me, she had gotten stuck.
Her eyes shine so bright like a burning flame
And if I screw this up, only I am to blame.

Her beauty so divinely in place
From her perfect body to her beautiful face.
Everything about her so perfectly aligned
That her presence could heal the sick and cure the blind.

With every bit of nerve, I walk her to the door
Secretly begging she would ask for more.
She turned to me with a loving smile
"I had fun even if just for a little while."

I started to depart with my heart in a race.
Suddenly, she pulled me into a tender embrace.
We took God's greatest gift of eternal bliss
Sharing the most beautiful thing: true love's first kiss.

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