The Dark

November 23, 2012
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They smile in slow-motion,
Like an old black and white,
But their color's exuded,
And I'm left in the night.
The Dark invites me in, despite my protests "No,"
But the Dark's the only place I have left to go.
I step inside his cavern, and He turns off the light,
Slowly the feelings are drained from my sight.
I no longer care that I am alone,
Because in the Dark, I feel oddly at home.
They can't laugh at me if they can't find their way,
Maybe the Dark is somewhere I will stay.
Sometimes I wonder what it's like when there's Light
And when the sun rises, after the night.
But the Dark holds you in, while the Light spies on you,
Hurt and embarrassment being her cue.
It's true I'm alone, without friends or kin,
But the Light can't spotlight the Dark that is within.

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